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Motivation or "What is this site about?"

When working with different software we noticed that every program has a different strategy for the layout and location of its configuration files. Some have one, most have more that one file. Some locate them on logical places, for some you can search for "hours". Often, when a parameter is changed, it does not make a difference because there is an other config file with a different name somewhere else that takes precedence. At other times you only want to change one parameter, risking to disturb normal operation by editing in the config file. In other words, a mess.

The world would be a better place when all programs would organize their config files in the same manner! In this document we want to make a modest start.

Objectives or "How to make the config-world a somewhat better place"

We discuss guidelines and best-practices for organizing your config files so that, to our opinion, it makes handling more easy. When your users have a fixed framework in mind and your config file conforms to that framework, your user can focus directly on the task, without first trying to understand your design logic.

These guidelines

These guidelines

The guidelines

OK, no more bla bla, we have 55 minutes left so here are the guidelines: (for the moment, this is not really structured, that will come in time)

General properties

Master config

User config

Temporary config

Handling of config files.

Use of XML

Parameters of the application regarding the config file


Your data

For every particular parameter that may be modified by the user, the following structure will be used at the bottom of the tree.

    <description lang="us"> The description with a lot of bla bla. </description>
    <modified>name and date of modifier</modifier>

Note the following

Proposed changes

This is a standard in the making. Therefore there already proposed changes